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  News Report One


  科學家計劃建立史上第一個月球上的通訊信號, 來支持月球和地球間的高清視頻與數據傳輸。


  A device that weighs less than 1 kilogram is part of a mission that will allow scientists to deliver fourth generation or 4G mobile coverage to the moon in 2019. If successful, the tiny device will provide the moon with its first ever mobile phone network. The lunar network will support high definition streaming of video and data between the moon and the earth. The network is part of a mission to the moon. This is a project with the goal of landing the first privately paid for mission to the moon. The 4G mission is set to launch from Cape Canaveral in the United States on a space X Falcon Nine Rocket in 2019. Mission to the moon intends to establish and test the first elements of a communications network on the moon. The scientists working on the project opted to build 4G rather than the fifth generation or 5G work. This is because fifth generation networks are still in testing and trial phases. This means that a 5G network may not yet be stable enough to work on the moon’s surface.

  1. What are scientists planning to do?

  Set up a mobile phone network on the moon。

  2. Why did scientists choose to set up 4G network in their mission?

  It is stable。



  News Report Two


  圣瑪麗亞教堂旁發生了火災, 但沒有發生傷亡。該購物中心自2002年以來一直沒有投入使用。2014年,市政廳計劃拆除建筑物,將其替換為經濟適用房。但由于缺乏資金,該計劃被取消。


  Firefighters responded to a fire Wednesday night at an abandoned mall in Heywood. The fire was reported at 9:26 p.m. at an old shopping center on Michigan Avenue near St. Mary’s Church. Six fire engines, two trucks and two chiefs responded to the scene. Crews had the fire under control in about 45 minutes and managed to contain the fire to its point of origin. There were some people inside the building when the fire broke out but there were no reports of any injuries. Fire investigators have responded to the scene but have not yet determined the cause of the fire. Firefighters will remain on the scene until later this morning to ensure that the fire doesn’t start up again. The shopping mall had not been in use since 2002. In 2014 City Hall developed a plan to knock down the building and replace it with affordable housing. However, the plan was dropped due to lack of funds.

  What does the news item say about the fire?

  No injuries were yet reported

  4. What had City Hall planned to do?

  Pull down the deserted shopping mall




  News Report Three




  Potato chips in Japan are being sold for 6 times their normal price. This is after the country’s main manufacturer stopped sales due to a potato shortage. Storms and floods and its main potato growing region last year caused the worst harvest and more than 3 decades. Local media reports suggest Calbee and its main rival Koike-ya are halting almost 50 products. “We don’t know when we’ll be able to restart”, a company spokesman said. Snack lovers are panic buying and many supermarket shelves are bare. Japanese laws limit the amount of imported potatoes that can be used in Japanese made products. Japan says fear of disease is its main reason to block fresh imports. It still only allows potatoes from selected US states. This is only at certain times and on condition that they are processed at factories based near Japanese ports. But global warming has raised the possibility that domestic produce could be seriously affected by rare weather events more often.

  5.What problem is Japan facing?

  Insufficient potato supply

  6. Why does Japan limit the import of potatoes?

  It is afraid of the spread of disease

  7. What might affect Japanese domestic produce?

  Global warming





  Conversation One:




  M: Mr. Brown’s lectures are so boring.

  W: Yes, he is not a very exciting speaker. But the subject is interesting.

  M: During every one of his lectures, I try to listen. I really try. But after about 10 minutes my mind begins to wander and I lose concentration. But I see that you seem to be OK. How do you stay focused through the entire hour?

  W: Well, what I do is keep my pen moving.

  M: What do you mean?

  W: It’s a method of active concentration I read about. One of the most effective ways to concentrate is to write things down. But it has to be done by hand, not typing on a keyboard. You see writing by hand forces you to actually engage with what you’re learning in a more physical way.

  M: Do you review your notes afterwards then?

  W: Sometimes, but that’s not important. My notes may or may not be useful but the point is that by writing down what Mr. Brand says I can follow his line of thinking more easily. In fact, sometimes I draw a little too.

  M: You draw in class and that helps me pay attention?

  W: Yes, honestly it works for me. I just draw little lines and nonsense really. It was also in that article I read. It can keep the mind active, prevent getting bored and help to concentrate. Again the point is to listen hard while keeping the pen moving. If I’m at home and I need to study what I do is read out loud. It has a similar effect to writing by hand. It helps memorize information in a physical way.

  What does the man think of Mr. Brown’s lectures?


  9. What does the woman do during Mr. Brown’s lectures?

  She takes notes

  10. Why does the woman draw in class?

  It keeps her mind active

  11. What does the woman say about reading out loud?

  It helps her better remember what she learns



  Conversation Two




  M: And where is this?

  W: These photos are from the Taj Mahal in India. We went there about ten years ago for our honeymoon.

  M: Was it romantic.

  W: Yeah. The Taj Mahal was a very romantic place. The guide told us there is a famous love story behind this building that all Indians learn in school. I think it was during the 1600 and the princess at that time died while giving birth to her 14th child. The Emperor loved the princess so much and was so sad when she died that he ordered the palace to be built in her honor.

  M: Wow. That sounds very romantic. It looks amazing.

  W: Yes, it’s gorgeous. It’s also larger in real life than it looks in the photos. The building is very tall and there are gardens in a wall around it all. It’s all built in this white stone and some walls of the building are decorated with jewels.

  M: It must have been very crowded when you were there.

  W: Yes, it’s a very famous tourist destination. So there are thousands of visitors every day.

  M: Was the rest of India crowded?

  W: Yes, very crowded in many cities. It was sometimes so crowded that it was difficult to walk along the streets especially through busy markets. And there are so many cars. Traffic was terrible but the people were friendly. The culture is amazing and we had a great time.

  M: What about the food?

  W: The Indian food is great. There are lots of different dishes to try and every region has its own special food.

  For what purpose did the woman go to India?

  To spend her honeymoon

  13. Why was the Taj Mahal built?

  In memory of a princess

  14. What does the woman say about the Taj Mahal?

  It has walls decorated with jewels

  15. what is the woman‘s impression of Indian cities?

  They are mostly crowded



  Passage One


  一個研究中心調查了1000個美國人, 有關公共圖書館,調查顯示,美國人對當地開設公共圖書館表示支持。


  A Pew Research Center survey of more than 1000 Americans conducted in April 2016 finds thatAmericans continue to express largely positive views about the current state of their local public libraries. For instance, around three quarters say that public libraries provide them with the resources they need and 66% say the closing of their local public library would have a major impact on their community. Although notably just 33% say this would have a major impact on them personally or on their family. A majority of Americans feel libraries are doing a good job of providing a safe place for people to hang out or spend time as well as opening up educational opportunities for people of all ages and roughly half think their libraries contribute a lot to their communities in terms of helping spark creativity among young people, and providing a trusted place for people to learn about new technologies. As in past Pew Research Center surveys of library use the April 2016 survey also measured Americans usage of and engagement with libraries. Overall, 53% of Americans ages 16 and older have had some interaction with the puppet library in the past year either through an in person visit or using a library website some 48% of adults specifically visited a library in the past 12 months. A modest increase from the 44% who said that in late 2015.

  What do most Americans say about local public libraries?

  They provide residents with the resources they need

  17. How can local public libraries benefit young people?

  By inspiring their creativity

  18. What does the 2016 survey show about adult library users?

  Their number increased modestly


  Passage Two


  有一種新品種的貓, 由中型野生非洲貓和家養貓雜交,2001年, 國際貓協會承認了這種貓,且允許人們飼養。現在,這種貓已經成為飼養貓中最多貓品種之一。


  A Savannah cat is a crossbreed between a domestic cat and a medium-sized wild African cat called the Serval. The unusual cross became popular among breeders at the end of the 1990s. And in 2001, the International Cat Association accepted it as a new registered breed. The savannahs are tall and slim and can weigh up to nine point one kilograms, making them one of the largest breeds of cats that people can own. They have a spotted code similar to that of many types of wild cats and their ears are very large. They are also commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty and can be trained to walk on a lead and to fetch, and often noted characteristic of the Savannah is its jumping ability. They are known to jump on top of doors and high cabinets. Some can leap about2.5 meters high from a standing position. Cats are typically known for being very inquisitive and so are the Savannahs. They often learn how to open doors and cupboards. Many Savannah cats do not fear water and will play with or even dive into water.Some owners even shower with their Savannah Cats, presenting a water bowl to Savannah may also prove a challenge, as some will promptly begin to bat all the water out of the bowl until it is empty using their front paws.

  19. What do we learn about the savannah cat?

  It is an unusual cross breed

  20. What is characteristic of Savannah cats?

  They are as loyal as dogs

  21. What do some people do with their Savannah cats?

  They shower with them



  Passage Three




  When children start school for the very first time parents often feel a sense of excitement coupled with a touch of sadness at the end of an era. This is the start of a new adventure for children playing and interacting with new friends sharing, taking turns and settling into a new routine. But of course, this is not the start of your child’s education which in fact began at birth. Back then, you would have been your child’s most influential teachers. During this time at home, your child would have learnt more than at any other period in their life. During your child’s first year in school much time will be spent in learning to read and they need to know that this is fun and worthwhile. Your child will naturally copy you so it is important that you are seen reading and enjoying books newspapers and magazines rather than just absorbed in screens. Ultimately an excellent education should be a close partnership between parents and teachers. A child’s year splits fairly neatly into thirds: a third at school, a third asleep and a third awake at home or on holiday. Irrespective of the quality of a school a child’s home life is of key importance. It is the determining factor of their academic success. Your child may have started on a new journey but your work is far from finished.

  22. How do parents feel when their children start going to school?

  Excite but somewhat sad

  23. What does the passage say about children’s education?

  It depends on their parents to success

  24. What should parents do for the success of their children’s education?

  Set a good example for them to follow

  25. What does the passage say is the key factor of children’s academic success?

  Their home life



  第一套:Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenge of starting a career after graduation. 120-180words.

  第二套:Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenge of studying abroad. 120-180words.

  第三套:Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the challenge of living in a big city. 120-180words.




  第二段:會面對什么樣的挑戰 +舉例子



  第一段:引出主題—— “論述現象,引出話題”。

  Currently, there is a phenomenon that a number of graduates choose to live in a big city after graduation.For example, 70% my classmates prefer to find job in big cities like Beijing,Shanghaiand Shenzhen. While, settling down in a big city is not easy.


  模板句:Currently, there is a phenomenon that a number of XXX 可以用來描述現象

  While, settling down in a big city is not easy. :轉折可以用來引出觀點

  第二段:論述面對的挑戰有什么+ 帶來的結果

  Living in a big city,we may meet a lot of challenges as follows: in the first place,people, especially the young,have to face the surprisingly high price of housing. Generally, we may spend half of our entire salary on housing. In the second place, people may feel lonely, because we are so busy that we hardly have time to meet our friends. Even some of us have no time to spend with their parents. In the end, comparing with living in a small city, living in a big one makes us often feel too much pressure, and too much pressure may lead to some mental illness.


  模板:Living in a big city ,we may meet a lot of challenges as follows:

  people, especially young people who :

  because we are so busy that we hardly have time to meet our friends : so…that 句式


  In conclusion, people who are ready to live in a big city should make numerous preparations. On the one hand, they had better get used to feeling lonely and pressure, because life in any big city is not a very easy thing, and you should learn to solve countless problems. On the other hand, you should keep studying in order to improve your ability.


  模板:In conclusion, people who are ready to live in a big city should make numerous preparations. On the one hand,

  On the other hand


  In contemporary society, a growing number of residents tend to live in a big city in which they could get more work opportunities, excellent education, and other high-quality resources. However, living in a big city, from my perspective, also may bring us a number of challenges.

  Firstly, it is obvious that the high price of housing gives youngsters a great deal of pressure, making them struggle for a better living condition. Then, the terrible traffic may even become a primary factor that costsyou much time on your way to work. More importantly, compared with living in rural areas, living in a big city sometimes means you have to tolerate the unpleasant air condition.

  Given all these, living in a big city may not be an easy thing. But if we are willing to make efforts to change some little things, I believe that we would have a bright future. By the way, nothing can stop us from striving for our goals.





  26. F damage

  27. B associated

  28. M sources

  29. D constant

  30. G described

  31. E control

  32. H equals

  33. K regularly

  34. I exclusively

  35. O vehicles


  26. I remedies

  27. D inconvenience

  28. H recommended

  29. C hesitant

  30. 0 worse

  31. B experiences

  32. J scared

  33. M pressured

  34. L sink

  35. E lessen


  26. I warning

  27. B convenience

  28. F particularly

  29. L surveyed

  30. C effectively

  31. E intimate

  32. J unfriendly

  33. K specific

  34. G primary

  35. A avoid


  36-40 DBGFI 41-45 FCJEG

  36. More than half of the food Americans eat is factory-produced

  37. There is a special program that assigns doctors to give advice to shoppers in food stores.

  38. There is growing evidence from research that food helps patients recover from various illnesses.

  39. A healthy breakfast can be prepared quickly and easily.

  40. Training a patient to prepare healthy food can change their life.

  41. One food-as-medicine program not only prescribes food for treatment but teaches patient show to cook it.

  42. Scott is nat keen on cooking food herself thinking it would simply be a waste of time.

  43. Diabetes patients are advised to eat more plant-based food

  44. Using food as medicine is no novel idea but the movement is making headway these days.

  45. Americans high rates of various illesses result from the way they eat.


  36-40 FCLEA 41-45 NMDKH

  36. A research project found bacteria made their way to the food on the floor in five seconds.

  37. Whether food is contaminated depends much on the number of bacteria that get onto it.

  38. Food contamination may result from various factors other than food dropping on the floor

  39. Males are less likely than females to eat focd that may have been contaminated.

  40. The author's research centers around how faod gets contaminated.

  41. Keeping everything clean is the best way to stay healthy.

  42. Chances are you will not fall sick because of eating food picked up from the floor.

  43. For a long time people have had the experience of deciding whether or not to eat food picked up from the floor.

  44. Some strains of bacteria are so harmful that a tiny few can have deadly consequences.

  45. Researchers found how many bacteria got into the food did not have much to do with how long the food stayed on a contaminated floor.



  36. Careme was among the first chefs who stressed both the appearance and flavor of dishes.

  37. Careme wanted to show to later generations that French chefs of his time were most world.

  38. Careme benefited greatly from serving a French diplomat and his connections.

  39. Careme learned his trade from a famous dessert chef in Paris.

  40. Careme's creative works were exhibited in the shop windows by his master.

  41. Careme's knowledge of art and architecture helped him create extraordinary desserts out of ordinary ingredient.

  42. Many people in Paris were eager ta have a look at the latest sweet food made by Care.

  43. Careme became extremely wealthy by cooking for rich and socially ambitious families.

  44. Careme's writing dealt with fundamental cooking principles in a systematic way.

  45. Careme's contribution to French cooking was revolutionary.


  46. How could california's drought crisis be solved according to some researchers?

  B - By drawing water from the depths of the earth

  47. What can be inferred about extracting water from deep aquifers?

  B - It was not considered worth the expense

  48. What is mentioned as a consequence of extracting water from deep underground?

  A - The sinking of land surface

  49. What does the author say about deep wells?

  D - They provide a steady supply of freshwater

  50. What may happen when deep aquiters are used as water sources?

  C - The cost may go up due to desalination.

  51. What does the author want to show with the example of AlphaGo's victory?

  D - Computers can become highly inelilence

  52. What does the author 'mean by Al machines acting ethically?

  C - They make sensible decisions when facing moral dilemmas.

  53. What is said to be the bigger challenges facing humans in the AI age?

  B - How to ensure that super- intllient AI machines act ethically.

  54. What do we learn about Microsoft's 'chatbot' Taylor?

  A - She could not distinguish good from bad.

  55. What does Eric Schmidt think of artificial intlligence?

  D - It will be here to stay whatever the outcome.


  46. What do we learn from a newly published study about cats?

  C - They have a natural ability to locate animals they hunt.

  47. What may account for the cats' response to the noise from the containers?

  D - Their mastery of cause and effect

  48. What is characteristic of the way cats hunt, according to the Japanese researchers?

  B - They rely mainly on their hearing.

  49. In what way do babies behave like cats?

  A - They focus on what appears odd.

  50. What can we conclude about cats from the passage?

  B - They interact with the physical world much like humans.

  51. What would be the impact of the extensive use of driveress cars?

  A - People would be driving in a more civilized way.

  52. How would the elderly and the disabled benefit from driverless cars?

  A - They could enjoy greater mobility

  53. What would be the negative impact of driveress cars?

  D - Numerous professional drivers would have to find new ways of earning a living.

  54. What is the result of the introduction of new technologies in energy industries?

  B - Retaining of employees.

  55. What does the author suggest businesses and the government do?

  C - Enable everyone to benefit from new technologies.


  46. For what reason may your friends feel reluctant to visit your home?

  A - The security camera installed may intrude into their privacy

  47. What does Lizzie Post say is new territory?

  D - Etiquette around home security cameras.

  48. What is Lizzie Post mainly discussing with regard to the use of home security cameras?

  C - Likes and dislikes of individuals.

  49. What is a host's responsibility regarding security cameras, according to Lizzie Post?

  A - Making their guests feel at ease.

  50. In what way can the home security camera benefit visitors to your home?

  B - It can prove their innocence.

  51. Why is PepsiCo making a policy change?

  C - to satisfy the growing needs for healthy foods.

  52. What does PepsiCo think it will have to do in the future?

  D - Keep on improving its products.

  53. Why does PepsiCo plan to alter its products. according to IndraNooyi?

  A - To ensure the company's future development

  54. What does IndraNooyi say about the obesity epidemic?

  C - it is atributable to people's changed lifestyles.

  55. What has PepsiCo been doing to achieve its objective?

  B - Increasing its research funding.






  With the rapid development of telecommunications, the number of smart-phone users in China have been increasing dramatically in recent years, which has greatly changed the way many people read. Now, they read news and articles on smart phones instead of traditional newspapers and magazines. The development of apps on phones has made people read novels and other literature online. As a result, sales of paper books have been affected. However, according to the survey, despite the stable growth of the reading market on phones, more than half of adults still prefer paper books.

  評述: 該文圍繞日常生活類通訊工具手機,涉及手機閱讀。其中有較多定語和狀語的翻譯處理。句子內部有多個分句,可采取修飾或并列句或從句的方式來處理,同時注意邏輯詞的應用,該篇詞匯難度不大,均為日常使用的簡單詞匯,但多為比較新潮的詞匯。

  通訊網絡, telecommunications這是標準的詞, 實在寫不出來, 也不能空著, 表達達意即可, 如phones代替多有通訊工具。

  the number of ...have been increasing dramatically表示……的數量。

  智能機的固定說法是smart phone, 比較新潮的詞匯, 本身不難, 但主要考查活學活用以及對生活類英語實用性的考查。

  要多注意局時間的邏輯關系和邏輯詞的應用, 比如“雖然、盡管”為讓步關系,也可以替換成but轉折關系,“因此”為因果關系表示結果,“而”在文章這里表示轉折關系。



  Part IV Translation (30 minutes)

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer sheet 2.




  Nowadays, an increasing number of Chinese people cannot leave mobile phones. Many of them, including the old people, keep in touch with the others and expand their circle of friends by mobile apps. They also use their cell phones for shopping online and searching for information as phones are easy to carry. Besides, the communication by mobile apps is cheaper than that by traditional phones. However, this new trend leads to people’s overdependence on mobile phones. In fact, some young people have become so addicted that they ignore the face-to-face communication with their family and friends.



  該句主語是“中國人”, “越來越多”作定語修飾“中國人”。用一般現在時態描述; “離不開”可用 “can’t leave”也可用 “can’t live without”。本句難度不大。

  Nowadays, an increasing number of Chinese people cannot leave mobile phones.


  “老年人”可譯為 “the old people”或 “the elderly”;“與……保持聯系”:keep in touch with......;“拓寬”這個動詞對學生們可能不熟悉,可用“expand”也可用 “ widen”;“朋友圈”可以譯為“circle of friends”或直接可以說 “make more friends”。

  Many of them, including old people, keep in touch with the others and expand their circle of friends by mobile apps.


  該句是并列句,兩個簡單句由“and”連接,第二個分句中“因為”,是引導原因狀語,可用 “as”引出。第二句中“此外”可用“besides”也可用“in addition”,比較結構用 “than”。

  They also use their cell phones for shopping online and searching for information as phones are easy to carry. Besides, the communication by mobile apps is cheaper than that by traditional phones.


  轉折邏輯詞 “however”, “過度依賴”對學生來說有一定難度,可用 “overdependence”或 “rely too much on”

  However, this new trend leads to people’s overdependence on mobile phones.


  “如此......以至于......”,可用 “so that”結構引導; “已經”可知整句話時態為現在完成時

  In fact, some young people have become so addicted that they ignore the face-to-face communication with their family and friends.






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